Sagna celebrated its 85 arts vintage

October 28, 2013 

Sagna SpA company known since 1928 as excellence importer and distributors of wines and spirits in Italy, couldn't choose year and best locations to celebrate its first 85 years of activity. At the Gallery of Modern Art GAM family Sagna and its President Giusto Lusto, were excited to present alongside 5 of the Maison, for the occasion, all French ,by a Press conference  followed by an exclusive visit of 60 works drawn by Jean Auguste Renoir arrived from the collections of the Musée d' Orsay and the Orangerie , to conclude then with a dinner,  the whole  with the usual impeccable style and taste that has always characterized Sagna SpA.

The several ties that our beautiful country and Torino have with neighboring France, dictate me to make some reflections ... Think of the millennial synergies that have always been present with a hint of challenge in many fields such as music, film, dance, theater , photography , art and wine.

And it is clear that these last two issues are the core secret of the success of Sagna who wants to celebrate this day as well as trade relations, especially the friendships that bind with the Maison Louis Roederer Champagne , Société de Ladoucette , Etablissements Jean- Pierre Moueix , Delamain Cognac and Domaines Schlumberger .
Friendship found in difficult times and crises such as this , in which " we have always been close ," says Massimo Sagna .

The representatives of Maison stepped -in have been introduced in the order that their wines were tasted and praised by all guests.

Th first has been the charmer  Michel Jennau represent here the Maison Louis Roederer , the first Maison that invented  the " Cuvée Prestige " Champagne and the only one owned vineyards that branch in chalky terroir typical of the region of Champagne ...

Silver wedding between Champagne Louis Roederer and the Maison Sagna who, thanks to their styles form an  harmonious union worthy of the noble Grands Crus Champenois them , where it all starts : the birth and evolution of the grapes.

The Cuvée Cristal 2005 opened the soiree and has been the protagonist during the aperitif proposed as a result of the conference and visit to the exhibition .
Straw yellow , intense illuminating plates of oysters and foie gras on the nose stand out the freshness of citrus fruits with creamy yeast , accompanied by those of almond, then explode in the mouth with a  fascinating structure as one of women's bodies with soft shapes presented in the Renoir's paintings  .

During dinner it was the turn of Louis Champagne Rosé Brut Millesime 2007 a ​​red salmon with its intensity shows us the body of Pinot , aggressive inbound soft and elegant aftertaste of dried fruit. The nose black cherry, crusty bread and butter finely fill your mouth filling it with elegance.

The word goes to the Baron Patrick de Ladoucette . He doesn't  need too many presentations, memos are renowned company and undisputed quality of the wines. The diamond point, proposed here for tasting, is the Pouilly Fumé BARON DE L , however Sauvignon more good in the world, the highest expression of the production and processing of that wine so loved or hated but in this case, after tasting , makes you say "more ".

The origins of Italian Baron Patrick make him feel at home and make us empathize with the glasses that are colored gold and noses that breathe fresh scents of peach , mango and white flowers. In the mouth, the body becomes soft with fresh notes of minerals in a powerful and persistent feeling that as soon as creamy as butter has melted , unforgettable.

Despite the difficult task to talk after 2 big so the young Edouard Moueix responds well highlighting the folie of Sagna in wanting to distribute French red wines in the most productive country in the world. But the undisputed quality and uniqueness of these wines well justify this choice to import the best productions in the area of Pomerol sur la rive droite .
Sublime , harmonious the already intense ruby ​​red with purple reflections . This Trotanoy Chateau Pomerol 2000 is a bouquet of roses, violets with hints of pepper and herbal notes of cocoa that will return in the mouth with softness and warmth without being out in the aftertaste .

Now it is the turn of Domanines Schlumbereger , a real pearl of Alsace with its 140 hectares  which 70 are " Grands Crus Classes" , the largest property owning !

Each bunch is harvested only when fully ripe and yield is deliberately limited to 47 hectoliters per hectare. Gewürztraminer CUVÉE ANNE SCHLUMBERGER 2009 late harvest brought here this evening reflects this careful selection and thoroughness of the house.
By now amber color anticipate us strong hints of fresh honey, peach , melon but also flowers and caramel. Wide mouth with the taste sensation of a soft cream , sweet not boring but rather persists in equilibrium with the alcohol , freshness and a dry note in the finish.
Taste it with a Tarte Tin is definitely a sweet conclusion after beef braised in Barolo wine and ravioli made with Robiola of Roccaverano .

In conclusion from the Maison Delamain Mr. Patrick Peyrelongue . Here the grapes are all from the Grande Champagne , the most prestigious area of the entire area with a protected designation of origin , in the heart of the Charente . One of the features that most distinguish it, and that strikes me , is the exclusive aging that are submitted its distillates , including water ...
Still echoing in my head the words of Massimo Sagna : " They start where others arrive ... "

The Delamain coganc X.O. Pale & Dry shows a very clear amber color reminiscent of the orange color of the pavements that decorate autumn when the leaves fall gently like this distillate, velvet citrus and flowers , but also tobacco and liquorice combine melting widely .

I can not conclude  without citing the President's words that describe the yesterday, today and tomorrow Sagna's  modus operandi  who make it great and unique as their partners : " The intuition of Amerigo SAGNA BARONE , the foresight of his son Ernesto, the creativity of his nephew MAX and, to date , the enthusiasm of the great-grandson LEONARDO perpetuated since 1928 ...


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