Sagna, univocal importer of a Purity Vodka

 Turin- Cambio Restaurant

In one of the most rich place in terms of history and culture, the first capital of Italy, Sagna SpA, importers by generations of wines, champagnes and spirits, has organized an amazing workshop where Master Blender Thomas Kuuttanen has given emotions at quite a number of sales managers of the historical piedmontese company. The elegant rooms of the Cambio Restaurant, an historical location attended by Count Camillo Benso di Cavour, encloses both involvement and enthusiasm of those present. Eyes and minds are captured, not to say kidnapped, already after a few words from President Massimo Sagna.

Elegant round tables covered with white tablecloths to the ground, are banned from glasses and glass bottles in rare form as crystals that sparkle thanks to the play of light created on the bottom.

11:00 am Thomas Kuuttanen conquest scene and attention. From a little later and for 90 minutes, distractions will not be protagonists. The ambitions of the Master Blender have never been those to make the best product in the world or the most appreciated by the market.

The purpose was and should be to create a Vodka that make and give a maximum level of pleasure during the study and implementation of a unique and personal method of vinification that expensive, given the high% loss of product, does not require any filtering process.

Confronted with the difficulties given by legislation, Purity Vodka remains one of the most products awarded in the last five years because it does not want to be a drink-tool to cause intoxication, but demonstration of the change in market trends and tastes of consumers increasingly looking for quality . 
Ingredients are special in their developments, to make this a Vodka purity. Winter wheat sown in autumn and harvested after twelve months, with barley creates the magic formula that offers cleaning, body and fragrance despite 34 distillations.

The incomparable Purity resembles a crust of bread which freshly baked wraps soft palate. 

The pride and the biggest achievement for Thomas is the diagram published by the authoritative magazine Drinks International who has declaring Purity Vodka as best product in terms of complexity and character in the premium sector. 

The 4 glasses ready for tasting are intended to compare: 
- The Swedish Vodka Absolute where alcohol is immediately around the nose, is accompanied by a burning sensation that almost recalls the scent of fresh mint. - The Belvedere Vodka, mix of traditional and contemporary charm, almost a status symbol, is presented here with a different body and character also given the less ethereal sensation of alcohol. 
- The French-Grey Goose, made with only wheat, already from the slogan "The world's best tasting vodka" highlights the important presence of tenderness and flavor. 
- The Purity Vodka with an incredible amount of aromas here are well blended with the elegant alcohol. A cream that melts slowly in your mouth.

I conclude with a quote from the Master Blender: "The devil is in the details and no one is ever too small." Purity Vodka is a product that the company Sagna we will let us sooner discover for fall in love then, during the time, of its fresh aromas for not abandon them again.


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